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"My previous experiences with professional carpet cleaning left me in fear. My carpet seemed to go downhill–it got dirtier faster and the fibers always looked matted down. I’m glad that DocSpot/Fibertech was recommended to me because after Marcus cleaned my carpets the spots were gone and the carpet looked new again. Over the years I also purchased a vacuum cleaner and a Lady Bug steamer from DocSpot, and they worked better than others I have money can buy and I am very happy with them. Three years ago I moved into my new house. I have white carpet now and the hall and stairs always seems to get hammered even though everyone removes their shoes before entering. I signed up for Marcus’s Healthy Home Care Program two years ago and now my white carpets look beautiful. And they stay that way! Because I work all the time Marcus performs his cleaning while no one is home. He is very trustworthy and I have no problem recommending DocSpot to everyone." - Cheri Macy 

"I have used numerous carpet cleaning people and I just wanted to say that I would highly recommend Docspot aka Fibertech!! My carpets always look brand new!! His work is the best I have found–always fast, professional and very friendly." - Wendy Giles




"So worth the bucks! Value/ Quality/ Care about our “little world” here! Marcus, you saved the day! Each day we lamented over the grease spots no one else could get out! Ray was dancing a jig (not on the carpet!) when you left because you took the spots with you! And the lift of the nap of the carpet is so “toe pleasing”. We so appreciate your long-term care tips for vacuuming and spot removal which we can (should) do on your own. We also are grateful for your “soft sell” of the vacuum cleaner!"  
Susan Ruff - Rock Springs

"Very professional, Excellent job. The cleaning really brightened the carpet and got out chemicals left by previous cleanings. Carpet is staying cleaner–not attracting dirt. You got the traffic “grey” completely out and clean. It’s great to have carpet so clean and no smelly chemicals. I’m also thoroughly pleased with the Dry Steam Vapor Cleaner I bought from you for home use. I don’t know how I lived without it."
Paula Carter - Green River

"DocSpot is without a doubt the best cleaning company I have ever used. I always feel confident Marcus will use proper chemicals/procedures on my carpet and sofa. When my washing machine broke he came and sucked the water from my basement and placed large fans for quick drying. Because of his actions I suffered no carpet damage. I thought my office chair was ruined from a stain; Marcus got it out. He also got a stain out of my white carpet that others could not."
Maribeth Plocek - Green River

"You are the best I could ask for: prompt, reliable, helpful. My carpets always look like new when you’re done, despite all the neglect and abuse (stains)–and they are almost completely dry as you leave. FAST! I appreciate the fact that you wor"ked so hard on the soured old meat juices that had leaked all over from the old freezer. And then you came back a couple of days later to check up on it without our asking you to. And also the time I left a huge full container on the washing machine and it tumbled over spilling everywhere. You came right away–in the middle of a blizzard, worked hard and long at it and never charged me anything at all."
Linda Sowada - Rock Springs

"Extremely thorough, really professional. I’ve had my carpets cleaned but I truly believe never this WELL! Marcus’s method is the difference between just doing it and really cleaning it. Marcus worked until the carpet was spotless! He puts his best into the job. I’ve never seen someone take as much time and care to do a good job. Marcus was extremely knowledgeable and shared his knowledge of carpet cleaning."
Kathy Sisemore - Rock Springs